Isa. 40:31

Jim Becton was born and raised in Arkansas and at the age of 17, was involved in a tragic car accident that left him a “near death” situation, spending thirty days in a Shreveport, La. hospital where He received his “life-long” calling into the ministry!  Jim has dedicated his life to serving God’s people and ministering to the Lord, as He was set apart into His apostolic ministry, an “apostleship of GRACE!”  The Father God joined to him his mate, Pam, to assist and serve with him in the calling!  Their primary scripture for his calling is Romans 1:5-  Through HIM (Christ) we have received “grace and apostleship” for obedience to the faith among all nations, for His name’s sake….

Is. 58:12
Overseeing apostles,
Jim and Pam Becton
Fathers Heart Houston

Jim received a visitation and revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ during those thirty days, as He spared him, not just for his life, but for his destiny’s sake. Jim knew that he was being called to life of service and ministry to the Lord Jesus Christ and upon graduation from Magnolia High School in May of 1975, Jim enrolled in Wide World Ministries Bible College in Ft. Worth, Texas under the direction of Dr. Mark Hanby in Sept. of 1975.

Jim graduated from WWM in May of 1977 and entered into covenant relationship with Dr. Hanby as a spiritual son, to which he remains his apostolic father in ministry to this day! Jim immediately began serving in ministry and for more than 35 years has served in full-time, active service to the Lord! He had received a “heavenly vision” from the Lord Jesus and has sought to be faithful and obedient to that heavenly vision and apostolic call!

Jim met and married his wife, Pam, in 1983 while pastoring in New Boston, Tx. and they have now been married for over thirty years. Pam was a lifelong resident of New Boston, but at the age of 8, she received a call from the Lord that she should one day “marry a minister!” Pam serves with Jim in James Becton Ministries/Fathers Heart Houston with all her heart, serving as part of this apostleship of grace with a ministry gift of prophet.

In July of 1997, Jim and Pam were set apart into this “Grace and apostleship” after pastoring and planting churches for almost 20 years. The key verse spoken to their heart and confirmed by their father in ministry, Dr. Mark Hanby, is Romans 1:5,6: Through HIM (Christ) we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations, for His name…

Jim and Pam have now lived in Houston over 10 years and founded “FATHERS HEART HOUSTON IN 2004 as an “apostolic relational ministry” designed to equip, empower, and encourage “generative” ministry to perpetuate the heart of the Father. They serve as apostolic fathers and overseeing apostles to churches and ministries and sons across the greater Houston region, East Texas, parts of Ok, Ar. and Louisiana. It is their desire to see the “hearts of the fathers turned to the children, and the hearts of the children turned to their fathers…” Mal. 4:5,6

Their burden, vision and mission is for: CITIES REGIONS NATIONS..

For more info, contact Jim and Pam at:

James Becton Ministries
17401 Red Oak Dr. #77
Houston, Texas 77090


Facebook: Jim Becton
Pam Becton

Thank you and God bless you!


Jim & Pam Becton,
Ambassadors and messengers of Christ!



  1. Very interesting, Jim and Pam. God bless you. I’ve been reading your stuff on fb. It is quite interesting and anointed, to say the least. I presently live in IL but the Lord is requiring a geographical relacation to Iowa. Our kids think it is for them but actually it is mainly for the Lord’s purposes. Our ministry, Sheepfold, is still in it’s embryonic stages of understanding and function although the Lord is bringing folks to us for maturing into sonship in bridal intimacy with the Lord for transtion into taberacle living with the Lord Jesus, the Father and their Most Holy Spirit!! The Lord is “gathering His lilies” and bringing them across our path as He showed me years ago. I’m reading your stuff to better understand the present day apostolic anointing and function. Thank you!! Pat Hoffman God’s very best for you and yours!!

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