Partnership with the Apostleship... The apostolic career, ie. Military campaign, to execute the apostolate (with its arduous duties and functions), to contend with carnal inclinations Partnership with the Apostleship…
The apostolic career, ie. Military campaign, to execute the apostolate (with its arduous duties and functions), to contend with carnal inclinations

FATHERS HEART HOUSTON is an Apostleship of GRACE, that is, an apostolic TEAM ministry designed to “rebuild the old waste places (cities), raise up the foundation of many generations, and be Repairers of the Breach, Restorers of Paths to Dwell in.”  (Is. 58:12)

Apostleship comes from a greek term borrowed from seafaring, and is used to designate the steersman, or pilot (helm) who holds the ship on course. Thus, an apostle-SHIP! The greek word actually means “governments” or the spiritual gift of administration.

I. Co. 12:28- Now God hath set in the church, first apostles, second prophets third teachers, after that, then miracles, gifts of healings, helps, governments, various kinds of tongues.


    1. Thank you, sweet Driskell Family! You guys so reflect as a family, THE HEART OF THE FATHER! Pam and I appreciate your faithfulness in serving and interceding for this city and region and state! You are hignly esteemed by us and greatly loved by your Father!! With much love and blessing, Jim and Pam

  1. Jim and Pam Becton are prime examples of a “New Breed” of Kingdom leaders that are emerging in the Earth today and a pure expression of the Father’s Heart.

    We are very thankful for their presence in our lives.

  2. Jim and Pam are True Apostolic Leaders with a heart to pour into and raise up the next Generation while bringing the Body of Christ into alignment through humble servant hood. I highly endorse them and their ministry and am grateful to call them friends and fellow laborers in the Kingdom.

  3. We are so eternally grateful to Our Father for bringing You & Pam into the Region. It’s made such an Impact, that will be revealed in days to come not far away. We count it an Honor to be connected with Your Leadership through “The Fathers Heart”, & co laborers together in Christ, to repair & restore. Thank you for your sacrifice, as well as your friendship. We love you throughout the ages!

  4. Thank you Roger and Debbie! Pam and I truly value you as co-laborers in the gospel of grace and His kingdom! Your faithfulness to love, serve, and give has been such a key part in our ability to continue going and giving out in the region! Love and blessings, Jim and Pam

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