The Government of God

There are three Administrative Leaders given for the work of the ministry to function properly: 1)  The Steersman Leader or overseer, is found in the “Set ministry” of apostle/prophet or bishop/regional ministry. This is the apostleship!
   2)  The Steward Leader, or pastor/teacher, is found in the presbytery, or the “body of elders.” The word literally means “household manager.” This is the eldership!
3)  The Servant Leader, or Deacon, from the word “diakonia” literally means “service or ministry“. In the New Testament church, all SAINTS were properly prepared for service in the body of Christ, and from the deacon, or serving ministry, came up powerful evangelists, such as Philip! (Acts 21:8; Phill. 1:1; I. Co 12:12;18,28) This is Discipleship!


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