Back in my Hometown!

Pam and I came to my home town of Magnolia, Ar. today for the long Memorial Day weekend to be with my parents while my sister and family are out of town.  Many of you know, my mom has been ill and homebound for over four years now since breaking her hip on Nov. 1, 2007.  My Dad and my sister, along with other help, take extremely good care of her, and we are glad to be able to come and help when my sister is on vacation.  My mom will be 87 years old on Sept. 7 and all the memories I have of her are pleasant and rewarding.  My dad and mom will also be married an unheard of “69″ years on Sept. 17, 2012!!  My dad, although not a preacher, has raised three sons, all ministers of the gospel.  He was an accountant who worked for the same company, Alan White Furniture Co., for almost 40 years!  One of my best friends growing up in Stamps, Ar. was Robin White, the youngest son of the founder of the company, Alan White!  My Dad trained Robin when he graduated from college, and later worked for him part-time for almost 16 years.

I’m so thankful for my parents, and although Pam and I stay very busy in our ministry, we do not regret the time we’ve been able to come and help support and strengthen them in their time of need.  Yes, admittedly, we get tired and sometimes the extra travel and strain wears on us, but when we saw the relief on my Dad’s face late this afternoon when we finally got here (smile), we felt refreshed.  He was so anxious to share with us some things going on at his church, hurtful things, but the role he was playing to help heal hurts and bring unity among sheep without a shepherd right now.  He took a stand for “what is right” and for my entire life, his goal was always to do the “right thing!”  I’ve never known anyone with more integrity and character than my Dad.

In closing, my sweet little mom doesn’t know us or say anything anymore, and I so miss the ways I could her make her laugh or sing.  The first three years or so into this time since she fell, we would put in a Gaither video, and when I would start singing with them and encourage her, she would pick right up on and could still sing her alto!  Our favorite was, O what a Savior!  When I would act funny or sing off key to tease her, I can still see that smile on her face and hear her little laugh.  Now, we get her up and do everything for her, and I guess my main job is feeding her.  And I enjoy that, because she still eats pretty good, most of the time with her eyes closed.  But she is still precious to me, and just when I think I wish she knew how much I love her, she’ll give me a sweet look or mumble something, that will tell me, she knows that that is her Jimmy!

That’s life back in my home town…



4 thoughts on “Back in my Hometown!

  1. I appreciate your sentiments about your parents, Jim. I was honored to nurse my Mom for quite a long while preceding her death and would take nothing for that time with her. Yes, it was tiresome….but we able to bond and appreciate one another as we had been unable to do in earlier years. God is gracious to give us those opportunities, isn’t He?

  2. I am glad to have read this post. I have had the experience of helping my family out with my grandmother, who was also bedridden for many many years before she pass on to be with the Lord. I can also still hear her hummmm her favorite psalms as well. Just like it’s yesterday and it’s been almost 16 years. I also uefinitely understand the physical wear and tear, and I wouldn’t have traded that time for the world. I see that my mom (the baby of 14 children) misses my grandmother’s presence sometimes and I wish that I could give her that time back, but, our Heavenly Father up above knows what’s best. Enjoy every moment you get with your mom and may our Eternal Father have favor upon you all and give you all sweet peace and restoration for this journey in life.

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