Ok, it’s been a month since my last post, and I haven’t done part 2 on the “Church in Crisis!”  And, I am going to do that in the next couple of days, but first, I want to write about the last month.  The last 10 days of June were busy with seems lkfe daily meetings with leaders one-on-one, and then we had two small leadership meetings on consecutive Friday nights with our group of relational intercessors and saints connected with our apostolic commission concerning the Father’s Heart!  These were excellent meetings that helped us close out the “end of an era”, and usher us into a new beginning and commission of grace and apostleship!

On Sunday, July 1, we were with “Church of the Living Water” in Deer Park, and on Monday we left for the Fourth of July week in Ar. to help our parents, My dad with my mom.  My Dad was sick with a bad cold and sore throat, and didn’t go to the doctor until we left on Friday.  Pam and I both awakened that morning we were leaving with a sniffle and throat a little sore.  We got home that night and walked in to a part of our dining room ceiling and some water on the floor.  We thought a pipe had bursted, but after cleaning up the mess, there didn’t seem to be anymore leaks.  On Saturday evening my dad called and they had admitted my mother to the hospital with a bronichal infection.  She remained till the next Friday, and for a couple of days was very serious with high fever and blood pressure and border line pnuemonia, but pulled out of it.  She is back home and doing better.

The last two Sundays we have been in Pasadena, on the 8th, at New Beginnings Family Church, with Pastor Larry Burgess and last Sunday, the 15th, with Sozo Church, formerly “Fairmont Christian Center” for Pastor Jason Morse!  But in between the two weeks, Pam and I both have been really ill and sick (please, no “bad confession” lectures, lol) and without energy and strength.  We are just now, after two weeks, beginning to pull out of it.  The Lord graced us to do the weekends and we have rested and prayed, preparing for then two busy weeks coming up!

That brings us to the present, which is the “Fresh Fire” Conference that began tonight with our friends, Doug and Rhonda Shutt.  They are celebrating their “Five year anniversary” of Eagle Nest Houston, at the Holiday Inn, Hobby Airport, tonight through Sat. July 19-21!  There are three meetings a day on Friday and Saturday, and I’m supposed to speak Saturday afternoon in the “1-3pm” session.  We’re believing, that of tonight, we will be able to fulfill this request.  Although we’ve had the schedule a long time, and been praying over it, just since last night has the Father been dropping into my spirit a word for the conference.  If you will look on my facebook wall, you will find under “Events” this meeting scheduled with the details.  If you get a chance to come out, I know they would really appreciate it.

In closing, let me encourage you from a standpoint of transparency:  Although we have preached and lived out the change from “kairos” to “chronos”, knowing that this new time is unlike anything in the past, we have been perplexed at times with the seemingly total unknowing, or uncertainty on what was going on.  But we do have “certain uncertainty” as well as the “predictable resisitance”, that as we enter this new administration of the Father’s Kingdom, we shall have “uncommon favor and victory!”  I encourage you today, to not look back to where you have been, but look ahead and forge forward into this new terrain, to possess the land and inherit the kingdom!  Before the new beginning, there is always an ending, and a brief period of confusion, not because we have missed it, but because it is new and fresh.  So, embrace the New Commission of this hour, and with unparelled faith and vision,Let us launch out into the deep…


Jim & Pam
(Look under the events section of the blog and we will have the schedule for the 22-29 up soon.)


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