Building Local Assemblies or Equipping Regional Centers?

There is a difference between a “local assembly” with a “church staff” and a “regional center” with an “apostolic team ministry!” Many times a local church staff is built around a “pastoral gifting” and “associate pastors” of “education, administration, evangelism, and worship, etc.”  In an apostolic equipping center, the TEAM is made up of “regional apostles, prophets, and teachers” along with pastors (shepherds) and evangelists that are not ‘limited to the house’ but connected to develop the body of Christ and the saints. 1)  Members in the body- I. Cor. 12:18-  But now, God has set (arranged, placed) the members (saints/people), each one of them, in the body just as He pleased. (Functions in the local house)  2)  Ministries in the church- I. Co. 12:28-  And God has set (appointed, set in order) these in the church:  first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that, miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments (administrations), varieties of tongues. (Ordained in the city/region)

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4 thoughts on “Building Local Assemblies or Equipping Regional Centers?

  1. We have been sensing this shift for fifteen years and praying that the eyes of the people’s hearts would be opened and enlightened to know and understand God’s way of governing. To many, this concept is inconceivable compared to the pastoral model they are currently operating in and they get defensive and suspicious when you mention five-fold ministry gifts. This will be a paradigm shift for the majority of believers and unless you have the proof of concept as to how it works, they won’t even entertain the thought. Could you clarify a few things for me? Can you have the five-fold operating in one place? Or is it a cooperative that is formed out of the body of Christ in the city/region? The Lord has revealed particular people who God has anointed to function in one or more of these offices, but because all they have to compare to is what has been, the concept is totally foreign and almost offensive to them. I would appreciate any information that you have gathered on the subject and continue to contend for the faith in our region. Thank you…

    1. Sorry that I’m just now responding to your note… Yes, it has been quite a shift and transition for all of us, yet we are beginning to see some good signs that there is a regional fivefold ministry assembling in regions and cities… The fruitful-ness that we’re seeing is local churches where the pastors are embracing the kingdom and the apostolic and connecting with a translocal apostolic team. We have some churches across the great Houston region connecting with us and some in the same area are coming together to host our team…it seems to be strengthening the churches and bringing the fivefold together… Please stay in touch and what region are you guys located in? thanks again, Jim Becton

      1. I appreciate the response and am encouraged to hear of various regions banding together in cooperation rather than competition. If ever we needed the governmental gifting’s distributed by Jesus in His ascension it is now. The five-fold government is meant to exercise a restraining influence; guiding the people by the constitution of God’s word and the Holy Spirit; without this steering mechanism the church will shipwreck. Like i said before, we have been communicating the importance of the five-fold for fifteen years and we seem to hit a wall with the leaders in the church. We are concerned that the rising tide of deception and dereliction will take its toll on the body of Christ, unless God’s government is established amongst the people. We, as a people, have been given the responsibility to steward and warfare with the words we have been given by the prophets, not neglecting the mandate that was assigned to our sphere of influence. The Lord has sent Chuck Peirce, Lou Engle, Mike Bickle, Barbara Yoder, Julie Meyer, etc. (among many others) to decree and prophesy over us and a group of us have been praying/decreeing the word of the Lord for all this time. I am not trying to name drop, but simply stating the call and great responsibility that is upon a region to be the unique expression of the Lord in the earth. We are all the body of Christ and our brothers keeper and truly covet your prayers for our region to come into breakthrough and harvest to magnify the King of Glory.
        Thank you for your concern and will keep in touch.
        Mark & Shannon LaFreniere

        ps We are located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Marquette, MI)

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