My Beloved Mother, Ordell V. Becton (Sept. 7, 1925- May 25, 2013)

<img alt="Photo: My dear precious mother crossed over to her eternal reward last night (early Saturday morning at 1:35am) surrounded by her loving family with prayer, singing hymns, and thankful to the Lord for a most godly, virtuous woman!

Pam and I were most honored and blessed to serve her and help especially my Dad these last 6 years, who lost his loving bride of almost "70" years! We are overwhelmed and flooded with such "precious memories" to rise up and call her "BLESSED AND HONORED!"" src="
Tomorrow is the day, Tuesday, May 28, that we lay to rest my precious mother, Ordell Virginia Becton!  The family gathered around 11:00am for the first viewing, and then we had visitation tonight!  I must say it was even harder than I could… have imagined, but she looked so beautiful and peaceful!  We were strengthened to have many friends and more family members come in today for the visitation and share how much mother meant to them!  The service is at 2:00 tomorrow at Bailey Funeral Home!  Thanks again for all your love and prayers.

LIFE, LEGACY, & LINEAGE!  The Life of God is found in families, natural and spiritual!  My Mom and Dad trained us very early on to love family, not just life and legacy but the lineage of the bloodline.  We would visit our grandparents regurlarly and saw how our parents cared for and looked after them in their latter years.  My sweet mother reaped an abundant harvest of that today as she was honored in her home going!  She not only left a good legacy, she left a great lineage!  Pam and I honor and salute my Dad, my brother Gary and wife Glenda, sister Jane and husband David, and my brother David and wife Cindy!  The connection in families is spiritual, and produces a harvest of faithfulness and righteousness in the kingdom of God!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!