The (New) Apostolic Campaign 2013/2014! (Pt. 1)

We are in the final week of the first half of this year, but for Pam and I, it is the END of an ERA, as we know it, to almost a generation of ministry as we begin our new mandate to launch the (New) apostolic campaign for July/2013 to June/2014!!!
I wrote about it earlier in the month and I believe we all sense the END of a SEASON that has STRETCHED us sometimes seemingly beyond measure, but the …LORD is FAITHFUL!!  Faithful is He that calls you, who also will do it. (I. Thess. 5:24)
I am entering into my “40th” year since my divine encounter with the Lord in June of 1974 and 30 days in a Shreveport, La. hospital.  Pam and I will be married “30” years on Sept. 3, and we have lived in Houston coming up on “10” years in August!  It appears to be very significant since the Lord has given us the “theme” and vision for the apostolic campaign beginning in July:   GRACE AND APOSTLESHIP-  GIDEON’S 300!  (The CALLED AND CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL!  ( THE COMMISSIONED ONES!”)
This GRACE and APOSTLESHIP (Romans 1:5) that we have received from the Lord Jesus is to “testify to the gospel of the grace of God” and to the “word of His grace.” (Acts 20:24,32)  Many are called, but few are chosen!  And then, within the chosen, is a completion of the vision, the FAITHFUL!  These are the commissioned ones, the one’s who have withstood the test and remained diligent and faithful to the Father!
GIDEON’S 300 IS A REPRESENTATION OF THE COMMISSIONED ONES OF AN APOSTOLIC COMPANY, TO COME TOGETHER AS “ONE MAN” WITH HIS VISION!  To those who are not afraid, and to those who have drank water from the hand (received the alignment of the Father), will have victory over the enemies of the Lord!
This week we will be sharing about the apostolic campaign from Gideon’s 300- 10×30! Pray with us, that over the next “three months” the Father will establish this year as the year of His divine appointment and favor for the new assignment and provision for the apostolic commission of Jesus Christ!  There are those the Lord is calling to connect to the “300”!  That will signify an agreement of a completion of 10 years in Houston and 30 years of marriage for a Brand “New Beginning and apostolic commission” for this next year! (Thus 10 X 30)

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