Apostolic Framework!

Eph. 2:19-22 (AMP)- You are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus Himself the chief Cornerstone. In Him the whole structure is joined (bound, welded) together harmoniously; and it continues to rise (grow, increase) into a holy temple in The Lord–a sanctuary dedicated, consecrated and sacred to the presence of The Lord, In Him–and in fellowship with one another– you yourselves also are being built up (into this structure) with the rest, to form a fixed abode (dwelling place) of God (by, through) the Spirit.

Apostolic framework is the “building fitly framed together…” The building is not a building made with hands, but is a “spiritual house” that is being joined by and in the unity of the Spirit.

Apostolic framework is the “structure” that is a “habitation” of God in the Spirit, the dwelling place where the people of God are “fitly joined together.” This framework is what the “body” is built upon, so that head and body are connected through the Spirit of God.

I. Peter 2:5 (AMP)- (Come) and as living stones be yourselves built (into) a spiritual house, for a holy (dedicated, consecrated) priesthood, to offer up (those) spiritual sacrifices (that are) acceptable and well pleasing to God through Jesus Christ.



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