More and more understanding of apostles and apostolic ministry coming forth…

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The Church began as a house of prayer (Acts 1 & 2). It is God’s purpose for the Church to always remain a house of prayer. Every gospel bears witness to the zeal for God’s house being a house of prayer (Mat 21, Mk 11, Lk 19, John 2). The four gospel witness is very, very significant since only 8% of the content in John’s gospel appears in the others.

When God’s house ceases to be a house of prayer, it then by default becomes a place of business. Actually, Jesus stated it much stronger when He called it a den of thieves. This is one of the strongest indictments against the modern day Church.

Apostles were the first ministry gifts appointed by Jesus. He appointed them after a night of prayer (Lk 6:12). Isn’t it interesting how the apostolic is released through prayer? We see the pattern again in…

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