The New Apostolic Campaign 2014/2015- Corporate Anointing for Apostolic Convergence!

Wow, what an awesome start to the month of June, as we kicked it off with a great weekend in Bellville! Pam and I can’t say enough about the generous hospitality of Pastors Lynn & Linda Burling and the wonderful people of CFC!! From the leadership training and fellowship on Saturday till the great fellowship at breakfast today, we were thoroughly blessed with this weekend of “Giving and Receiving!” The grasp of the kingdom of God and receiving of the apostolic was paramount by the leadership and fellowship, and something powerful was released in the atmosphere!! The word ‘fellowship’ implies sharing, partaking, communion, communication, and partnership! We are blessed to be in partnership with this great church and local ministry team led by Pastor Lynn!!

This week will be one of the most significant weeks in the life of our ministry and relationships, as we begin preparing for the celebration and culmination of “40” years of the progressive word and work of the Spirit of God! This June 7, 2014, will be forty years of grace and mercy, preparation and process of Christ in my life since that eventful night that forever changed my life. June 7, 1974 will be the night that changed not only my life, but my whole family in the loss of my younger brother, Jerry, not quite 15 years old. I know there must not be any loss more life altering than the loss of a child and I know my parents were never the same. My sweet mother carried the sorrow from that loss I’m quite sure all throughout her life. The tragedy of the night was not that five young men in age from 14-21 had been drinking and partying that led to a fatal car accident, but that we had been to a church Youth Rally 35 miles away and were just trying to get home in a driving rain storm!

Yet, in the sovereignty of The Almighty God, He turned around that which was planned for evil and made it for Good! He took that which could have brought defeat and turned it into Victory! The “30” days that I spent in that Shreveport, La. hospital recovering from massive facial injuries and trauma have turned out to work for my good and made me what and who I am in His kingdom today! I have no doubt that the Father will fulfill every good work and word to fulfill His will in my life and ministry. That month brought about my encounter with The Lord Jesus Christ that has always been in the forefront of my life as I’ve endeavored to serve Him and fulfill the course of ministry that He gave me. There’s nothing I’ve done to deserve the grace and mercy that He bestowed on me, just simply according to His own purpose and grace He spared me, saved me, and gave me a future and a hope, an expected end in Him! (Jere. 29:11; 2 Tim. 1:8-10)

It is from this premise that after 25 years in 1999, the “realignment and reconnection” in divine relationship and destiny, The Lord Jesus established in Pam and Me what He called, an “apostleship of Grace” and called us into these seven facets of apostolic life and ministry: 1) The Call, 2) The Career, 3) The Campaign, 4) The Commission, 5) The Confirmation, 6) The Company, and 7) THE APOSTOLIC CONVERGENCE! (Acts 26:16-18; Romans 1:1-5; I. Co. 15:9,10; 2 Co. 4:1; Gal. 1:15,16; I Tim. 1:18-20; 2 Tim. 2:1-3) This June completes 15 years of the apostolic campaign that began in July 2013 through June 2014! It completes 35 years of active service of ministry, and “40” years of training and “fighting the good fight of faith” (wage a good warfare- apostolic career, campaign & warfare.)

Thus, in the completion of this forty years, we will be launching a “brand, new” apostolic campaign that sums up this incredible journey of going through the wilderness, trials and testings, probation and process that has brought about a new dimension, “July 2014/June 2105”, the Corporate Anointing for a NEW ERA! We are seeing and sensing a great change and transformation of the grace of God and His kingdom that is “above and beyond” anything we could ask or think for! it is exciting, yet sobering to see what the “heart of the Father” has brought forth so that we can see the “mighty hand of God” in operation in the extent of the direct proportion of His love and grace in our lives! This whole year (July 2013-June 2014) we have been in “birth again” to see the formation of Christ come forth in His fulness in what He has prepared for us! So, we covet your prayers and support in this endeavor, so that we may know and comprehend with all saints, “TO KNOW THE LOVE OF CHRIST THAT PASSES KNOWLEDGE AND THAT WE ALL MAY BE FILLED WITH FULLNESS OF GOD.” (Eph. 3:19)

Eph. 3:20,21- Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. God bless and keep you and thank you for your love and prayers! Jim & Pam

(NEW) APOSTOLIC CAMPAIGN AND CAREER 2014/2015! Beginning in July 2014, Pam and I are launching by the grace of God our “(new) apostolic campaign” to the regions, cities and nations! We will be conn…


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