Process and People, by Pastor Chris Reed

……… Process and people………..
It’s when you find people in the earth that you were ordained to be connected with before the foundation of the world.
The holy of holies is in the tabernacle but not all the tabernacle was in the holy of holies.
There are some things you can’t take beyond the veil. Religion, ideas, youth, marriage, divorce, dysfunctional thinking that can attach to your spirit and stop you from going beyond the veil into the holy place where shekinah glory dwells.
The spiritual dimension is where God has completed and perfected all things. The lamb was slain before the foundation of the world, But that was what was finished in the heavenly/spiritual dimension. It took TIME and PROCESS to manifest it in this earthly realm. Don’t give up on fulfilling your preordained purpose BEFORE the foundation of the world because it hasn’t happened YET!! He’s gave you grace to search it out, and he’s divinely connecting you with people that align you in his plan. Your trial is your friend. It only lasts as long as you need it too for God to rid old weights that you can’t take into the Holy place where God dwells, which is what you desire!!! If you’re going through hell, keep on going because each day of your trial that passes, it burns off old attachments that keep us out of the third dimension. This is what The Spirit is saying. Love you all, be encouraged!


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