Apostolic Fathering Today!

Apostolic fathers not only teach and impart, but they EMPOWER and FACILITATE! Many are still “doing” but we need those who are “being!”

Apostolic fathers will not manipulate and control, but will correct and serve! Covering is not control, covering is accountability and protection!

Fathering brings fellowship through relationship, to being rightly aligned in the kingdom as not to ‘prostitute’ the gift, but to perpetuate their character!

Fourthly, apostolic seasoned fathers will “oversee” and “shepherd” their ministry sons, so that they (the sons) can “feed, shepherd, and teach” the saints, continuing in the spirit of sonship!

Finally, apostolic fathers should be in their season of “REST”, as in shared with me by Ministry Apostle Gene Mansfield:


Fathers should be free from the “temple work”, being supported by the “priests” (sons), those doing the work in the temple, so they can prepare the next generation and minister to the LORD!




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