7 Ways To Recover Through Grace After We Fail

Good reminder by my friend Scott Stimson

Scott Stimson Ministries International

It is not what we have done, it is how we get up and move forward from what we have done. When we fail, it is part of our journey but not our destiny.

7 ways to recover through grace after we fail:

1—-Release yourself from your failures by turning away from them in your thinking,. We belong to Him and have no right to turn on ourselves nor accuse ourselves. God has favored us based on His love for us not our failure.

2—- Think on achievements and draw strength from them whenever we have wronged others or hurt them by our decisions. We should take responsibility for our actions, make it right if possible and keep moving. We don’t have to live in bondage to the regrets of the past nor the worries of tomorrow.

3—-Understand that God’s ability is not limited to our failures. The simple truth…

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