Two “Unholy” Things…

Two things the body of Christ needs deliverance from:

1) “Constructive” Criticism!

I don’t know about you, I’ve never had any “constructive” criticism… When I hear somebody say, “Can I give you some constructive criticism?” I just flinch and think, Here it comes… Could it be that, criticism is just “criticism”? (Now, correction is different, we must all receive correction, I.e, chastening or discipline from the Lord as sons!)

Criticism is normally “opinionated”, as in one giving their own ideas as to what someone should do…

2) “Un-sanctified” Ambition!

Unholy, or selfish ambition is strife! Pure and simple, it causes division, jealousy and envy in the people of God! Religious ambition is shrouded in pride, false humility and spiritual immaturity. Ambition, in its purest sense, is fine in raising children to be responsible, being self-motivated, and growing up as law-abiding citizens!

Ambition in the kingdom is self-seeking, self-reliant, and self-righteous!


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