We Gather in Thanksgiving To express our appreciation To the God of all living.

A Time set apart for giving of Thanks To our Lord and Savior By the city wide churches serving in their ranks.

I asked for a sonnet to sing And didn’t hear a thing.

I enquired for a poem to say But received only a little ray.

Time was given to listen and pray And these words I was given to say.

When my soul became still And His presence became real,

Words of Worship Are all I can Say Concerning this Thanksgiving Day

Expressions of Praise from my lips And a prayer I now say:

Clean Hearts, O God, create in us, Hearts full removed from sinful lust.

Washed in His Blood, each part And captured by you love, our hearts…

Hearts that are given in great fullness, Humbled in thanksgiving, residing in Your Rest.

Thankful hearts that are given Through meekness of living, To have each day, a day of Thanksgiving.

Thank you being Lord of this our land, Governed by your mighty hand By Your Grace we can only stand.

Thank you…. From your sons and daughters And not just a few.

For Your Love, Your Son, and Your Grace…
For Your Presence in this Place.

We thank you being our God, We love you and bless you in His great name, THE NAME OF JESUS…

Pastor Thelma Daniels, 2013


JB, Nov. 2014


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