Looking forward to the apostolic/Prophetic gathering with Apostle Ricci J. Hausley, Sr. And the RJH SONS & Daughters Assembly at Eagles Nest Christian Fellowship in Philadelphia,  Pa. March 13-15!

This will be an awesome time of demonstration and manifestation of the power of God and the sons of God!  Father God is moving mightily in the earth to reveal the Son of God and a company of sons that are conformed to His image…Jesus is the FIRSTBORN among many sons, that He might being many sons to glory….

Now is the time, NOW IS THE TODAY OF GOD, the Day of the Lord in the earth to establish His kingdom on earth, just as it is in heaven!  So set yourselves, arise and shine and see the glory of the Lord cover the earth, as the waters  cover the seas…

Come and be a part of this great celebration of sons & daughters…


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