Reformation & Restoration, Honor & Humility!

I have been reading a few articles from prophetic leaders, as well as talking with and conversing with some pastor friends today. And I agree with the consensus that we are experiencing a great shift and that pastors and churches should be praying like never before to be ready to experience what Father is bringing today!

I like what I read, I believe yesterday, from Apostle Greg Crawford wrote concerning revival and awakening! Revival primarily stimulates the “externals” And deals with what we can see. Awakening, however, deals with the “internal” issues of the heart, and are we really ready to see change and experience it within our hearts first and foremost!!

What I have believed and preached for years, I believe, is what moves us past revival and brings awakening to the place of “Awareness” and acceleration is “Reformation” and “Restoration”! There are quite a few more R’s in the mix- Repentance, Renewal, Revelation, Revolution, and a “Returning” to the Father and His original intent for the church, as it relates to the kingdom!

Which brings me to my concern for what many are saying is that prayer, like revival, that does NOT change us to Realign with the apostolic AND prophetic purposes of God in the earth, will keep us frustrated!! When we are truly changed in heart, it will cause us to change in our churches and ministries what is not pleasing to Him!

True apostolic reformation and restoration will not only bring about a change in structure and government, it will bring a change in ministry relationships that will reflect a “working together” (synergy) that exalts Christ as head of the body!! This will bring about a humility and an honor that will bring His glory and power!

Our cities are crying out for this “R & R” with this “H & H” (Honor & Humility). We are beginning to see this where pastors and set leaders are coming together with apostles and prophets to see us move past revival and awakening, but also ready to embrace the Heart of the Father and return unto the Lord so He can fulfill His mandate and mission in this third day great awakening and reformation!!!


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