MEGA-CHANGE (Finding your Purpose)

We are in a season and day of GREAT CHANGE! Not just change, but MEGA CHANGE!! My word has been “MEGA” so far this year because everything Father is doing is BIG-GREAT-ABUNDANT and MIGHTY!! I’m not just talking about BIG THINGS such as FINANCES OR MINISTRY, although that can be a part of it! I’m talking about BIG STEPS, BIG DREAMS, being willing to be a RISK-TAKER!!!

THE CHALLENGE OF THIS CHANGE is that its very CONFRONTATIONAL AND CONTROVERSIAL as well…It can be very misunderstood because it has a two-sided coin- both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE!!! The thing that seems to be blocking or hindering you are the NECESSARY THINGS to PRESS THROUGH that will bring you to your next place! It will bring about a MEGA GRACE that brings PURPOSE!

It is affecting everything in life or ministry, in family or finances, in vision and provision, so He can bring His PURPOSE! Purpose comes from pro-thesis, “before” and “a place,” thus “a setting forth.” You were hidden with Christ in God, so when you are revealed, you will find your place, your mission, your identity, you gifts and calling! (Col. 3:1-4)

Three very important things will definitely bring change in your lives: 1) we’ve already mentioned, CONFRONTATION (A challenge that is a direct result of Father bringing change to our own ways…);

2) A TRUE CONVERSION- not just talking about being born again, but a transformation, a returning to the LORD, a continual change of mind and heart (repentance) toward the kingdom; and

3) a CRISIS… ( that which shakes our world up and causes us to lose the focus on ourselves, and put it on HIM.) There are many other things, of course, but this gives us the point!

This first half of this year through June is preparing you, the church, the people of God and the community in Christ to be ready to enter into the BEST SEASON, the BEST DAY of your lives!!! It is not without struggle, it s not without fear, it is not without hesitation, but if we can continue to PRESS, we will See MEGA-CHANGE!

Phil. 3:13,14- Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended (laid hold of it); but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I PRESS TOWARD THE GOAL FOR THE PRIZE OF THE UPWARD CALL OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS…


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