The Power of Transparency

This is a lengthy post but I believe many will be blessed by reading this. Pam and I can certainly relate because we have this “ministry of transparency.” Enjoy and relate…

Shannon Suttles

After I posted a very transparent post last night on some unforeseen anger I was experiencing, I had an outpouring of responses that I felt garnered more attention and explanation.

My husband and I are called to a ministry of transparency. In fact, I believe everyone of us are called to the ministry of transparency. There is something to this ministry that unleashes the power of God. Transparency requires risk and it requires humility, it requires pulling down the masks on our faces, the veils over our hearts, and exposing the true you.

I had recently become very, very sick. I did not want to share my story because I was a leader in ministry and I did not want people to perceive me as weak because they needed me to be strong for them right?  I mean, this was my reasoning as to not expose my weakened place I…

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