Like the Weaver’s Shuttle! (Tribute to Sis. Bobbie Maxwell)

Today we laid to rest our sweet Bobbie Maxwell, and it was such an honor to participate and be a part of this great family! Shawn Gould spoke so heartfelt in sharing for the family concerning his grandmother and for their legacy! Shawn and his wife Holli Garet supplied the music and songs and Pastor Kent Brown led in some old-time hymns and songs at the graveside service that gave tribute to Sis. Bobbie! There was such a wonderful turnout, including Jack Maxwell‘s fellow officers from the Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 4! What an honor that was!!!

I felt to share something here in the post I shared at the service, just sensing that it might help those going through some difficult times:

One verse in Isa. 38:12 says in the NKJV- “My life span is gone, taken from me like a shepherd’s tent; I have cut off my life like a weaver. He cuts me off from the loom; From day until night You make an end of me.” It’s called the “weaver’s shuttle.” Job 7:6a says, “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle.” The Living Bible says Isa. 38:12 like this: “My life is blown away like a shepherd’s tent; it is cut short as when a weaver stops his working at the loom. In one short day my life hangs by a thread.”

I found Matthew Henry’s commentary on Hezekiah’s prayer for the Lord to add years to His life, which is the context of Isa. 38. He wrote this:

“A good man wishes not to live for any other end than that he may serve God, and have communion with Him. Our present residence is like that of a shepherd in his hut, a poor, mean and cold lodging, and with a trust committed to our charge, as the shepherd has. Our days are compared to the weaver’s shuttle, passing and repassing very swiftly, every throw leaving a thread behind it; and when finished, the piece is cut off, taken out of the loom, and showed to our Master to be judged of. A good man, when his life is cut off, his cares and fatigues are cut off with it, and he rests from his labours. But our times are in God’s hand; he has appointed what shall be the length of the piece. When sick, we are very apt to calculate our time, but are still at uncertainty. It should be more our care how we shall get safe to another world. And the more we taste of the loving-kindness of God, the more will our hearts love him, and live to Him… ”

I spoke this as to Sis Bobbie’s life as being the “little weaver”! And as the weaver’s shuttle carries the “thread of her life” across the loom that creates the thread or yarn which creates the “cloth” of our lives! Sis. Bobbie, like the weaver’s shuttle, kept weaving the thread of her life through this precious family and created a cloth, the fabric of their lives, that they can continue to build on. Not only a legacy, but a great lineage of life will continue through Jon Maxwell, Leigh Anne Maxwell, Roger Debbie Cochran, and through all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and as many as the Lord our God calls… What an honor and privilege for Pam and me to serve this great family as we all serve the greater purposes and plan of God for our lives….

The generations call for us to respond with a boldness and confidence to “step up” and finish the race well that the Father has set before us….As Shawn said, we have a great “cloud of witnesses” that have gone on before us, cheering us on and waiting on us to be perfected…. Much love and blessings… heart emoticon heart emoticon

Jim Becton's photo.
'Mother and Son dancing, with @[100000332906792:2048:Jon Maxwell]!'

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