Who’s Your Daddy?

Awesome word on how to grow and mature into your ministry… Thanks!!

Living Faith Realities

There is an expression that is used in the streets quite regularly…”Who’s Your Daddy?” This question is often asked when the lineage of an individual is not known. It is really kind of a derogatory question that is surely not a complement…but a dig.

What has me thinking of that question you may ask? It seems we have a plethora of “Quote on Quote” Ministers these days all over social media calling themselves Apostles and Prophets. The truth of the matter is anyone can contract Vista Print to make Business Cards for them and can put whatever title they want on them. Vista Print doesn’t care if it is true or not as long as you pay them for their services.

There is a custom in the Jewish faith that when a male child reaches 30 years of age, even though he has already had his Bar Mitzvah at 13…

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