The Apostolic Dimension!

There is a ministry position in the body of Christ today that has become an “office of Incumbency” and that is because most local churches call this position “THE PASTOR!” In other words, this ministry office, as many call it, has a distinct advantage because it carries the idea that the leader of the local church is the PASTOR!

Yet when it comes to calling, gifting, and grace given to a “Senior Minister” (pastor), many leaders do NOT fit that “round peg” into a “square hole” way of thinking! In fact, because of “function over title” and “calling over postion”, God is raising up a new generation of leaders who have been given a “divine grace” to lead, not according to hierarchy or pecking order, but serve according to “apostolic impact, influence, and intent!!”

In our consulting ministry to the body of Christ and relationships in the kingdom, Pam and I are seeing a “great SHIFT” of apostolic- prophetic leaders whom the Father is “setting” in place, not only to lead churches, but to be facilitators of apostolic centers and companies!! They are not just young men in age, but they are mature and visionary men and women of all ages who have “stepped up” in their ministry and can no longer be put in a BOX!!

We are currently seeing a number of leaders who we have come in relationship with that have decided they must take the “limits” off and press into their true calling and grace in ministry!! I would like to personally call for a “divine revolution” in fivefold faceted leaders and the people they serve to be FREE from the Old mindsets and order that has kept men and women not only limited but bound to a particular protocol and paradigm!!

Please hear my heart: There are also many “true pastors” (shepherds) who are gifted to lead, as this is there primary calling and gifting and they will be “pastoral driven” churches! But I’m speaking to those that God has “called out” to lead, not just to shepherd sheep, but to “bring the saints” into the place of equipping, identity, purpose, and vision that will be “kingdom-minded” and know who they are in service and in function!!!

One final disclaimer: This is NOT to empower “autocratic” leaders who are independent and have no relational accountability, such as spiritual fathers in their lives! But it is calling for the kingdom advancement of “apostolic teams” that are many-sided and multi-faceted who not only raise up sons and daughters but equip “generative” leaders in the body of Christ!! These are those who raise up the foundations of “many generations” and work in synergy with other apostolic leaders who are called to be “repairers of the breach” and “restorers of paths to dwell in.”

(Isa. 58:12)



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