The Next Phase Of The Apostolic Restoration

Excellent article by my friend Apostle Michael Fram!!

Living Faith Realities

Recently while Apostle Jim Becton was up visiting NJ for my Apostolic Commissioning, we were discussing where the Apostolic Restoration has been, and where it is going. Such great progress has been made since the Mid to Late 90’s to now in what many have called “The New Apostolic Reformation”. God has mightily used men like C. Peter Wagner, David Cannistraci, Jonas Clark, Bill Hamon, Hector Torres, John Eckhardt, Che Ahn and others.

The focus of this move of restoration was the restoration of the function, title and importance of the Office of the Apostle. The fact that it, like all of the other four Ascension Gift Ministries; were given UNTIL…Ephesians chapter 4. It focused largely on the fact that the Apostle was part of the Foundation of the Church (along with the Prophet) (Ephesians 2:20); and if the foundation be destroyed…what hope is there for the people of God…

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