I believe one of the keys for a local church, i.e. assembly/congregation, going to another dimension of equipping is for the “pastor” or set leader, have more than just other “Pastor friends” come in and preach a few times a year!! Many pastors also have “evangelists” who the congregation likes to hear come in because they know they will draw a good crowd!! But are these ministers coming in because they “perform well”, tell funny stories, and know how to sway a crowd?  WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE?

WHAT ABOUT IF THE VISION OF THE HOUSE is built around the apostolic anointing of the set man and he is connected to other relational apostles and prophets who have the heart of the leaders and the people and are able to bring the word of the Lord to what the Father is saying to the church? Yes, humor, skill, and vocabulary are alright in there place, but what about saying what “thus days the Lord”, not just what keeps the people dependent upon them for their spiritual growth!! Are we keeping the saints “spectators” or are we “equipping” them to be participators so that they can do the work of ministry or “fulfill their ministry”?

2017 will be the year of “Apostolic synergy” or a “working together” of team-ministry who are connected through apostolic alignment and assignment! Sometimes apostles clash, like Peter and Paul, because they do not have the same assignment in ministry, so therefore, there is not a good flow when they come together. But apostles and prophets who have an order of ministry, such as Paul and Apollos, one will plant and the other water! (I. Co. 3:5-10) The scripture says “now he who plants and he who waters are ONE, BUT IT IS GOD WHO BRINGS THE INCREASE! The one who plants is nothing, neither is the one who waters, but God gives the increase! He repeats this so the people will not just have their hope and confidence in men or personality…

Finally, in this great SHIFT, some churches like to have all prophets in because that is what brings the people in, seeking A word! But we need the synergy of Apostles, prophets, and teaching evangelists with the pastoral grace that will bring balance to the house and are relational ministry so as not to have their own agenda to just come in and preach, prophesy, etc. These churches/houses/fellowships who grow into this initiative in 2017 will take great strides to becoming an “apostolic regional center” (arc) that will be “kingdom-based”, “generationally-mixed”, and “mission-minded”!

They will become “Antioch” bases (Acts 13) of being “trained, discipled, raised up, and sent out and forth”, by governing elders (prophets and teachers), who are “Apostolic Ambassadors”, emissaries if you will, who connect the regions as APOSTOLIC HUBS, kingdom centers of grace and truth who know their alignment and assignment for kingdom advancement and agreement with the truth of God’s Word!!!

Apostolic/prophetic Vision for 2017….

In spirit and in truth,

Jim Becton



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