Dear Friends:

What a wonderful time and a grateful time to be giving thanks and celebrating the goodness of the Lord for his faithfulness to us these last 40 years!  Many recognize “40” years as not only a generation, but a generational blessing and transfer that strengthens those who have embraced  the purpose, process and power of the Lord through generational synergy!  Moses led the children of Israel for forty years out of Egypt to the precipice of the promise land, viewing the land from the mountain and anointing Joshua as the new leader of Israel, King David served Israel as their second king for 40 years, and Jesus began His earthly ministry after fasting and prayer for 40 days and nights.

After my car accident and calling by the Lord at the age of 17, and two years of training at Wide World of Ministries with my spiritual father, Dr. Mark Hanby,I as a young, inexperienced boy, began this 40 year journey.  I have made many mistakes a long the way, and missed the Lord many times, but I have always been after the heart of the Father, to do His will!  We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us!  For the first 20 years of so, I pastored and travelled as a young evangelist and teacher, met and married my wife Pam in 1983 and continued to grow and mature in the ways and kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Yes, it has been a journey, many times a difficult one with many obstacles, but the Lord has been so faithful to fulfill His word.  We give all the glory and honor to Him for what He has done!

In the early 90’s, our ministry began to shift with a strong prophetic/apostolic call to fulfill.  We began a training center and fellowship in DeRidder, La. in in 1991 called “Eagles Nest Christian Fellowship!”  It was a local fellowship but it began the launch of prophetic ministry that carried us to several states in prophetic meetings and conferences, and opened up the way to come into our apostolic call and commission.  This led us up to 1998/1999 when being reunited with my apostolic father after many years in the mountains of Tennessee to being commissioned as an apostle for the 21st century!  As we transitioned back to Texas in 2001, the Father set us apart for this “GRACE AND APOSTLESHIP” by sending us after two years of rest and refreshing, into Houston, Texas in 2003.  We have seen great fulfillment and rich increase of sons and daughters and many local assemblies and regional ministries impacted by this apostolic commission and campaign!

Now, after roughly 17-20 years in this fulfillment of this apostolic call, we are seeing a great apostolic “company” arise in the land and seeing increase to the regions and nations!  Thats why we have an “overlapping” of the years, 20-23 years of training, beginning local assemblies and training centers and preparing for the apostolic, to 17-20 of full apostolic/prophetic ministry and mandate and mission to the greater Houston region and beyond!  We are more than amazed and humbled at the hand of our Father as we have endeavored now through a completion of “40” years to say, “Give us our mountain!”  That’s why our theme for this new apostolic campaign is “Come up to the mountain of the Lord” because not only are we ascending to reach the nations, but preparing to receive our Mountain, the promise of entering and possessing our land, cities and regions!  We are not ready to quit and are not defeated, but after these forty years, we are ready to say with Joshua and Caleb, “we are well able to possess the land, and enter the provision of the Lord, GIVE US THIS MOUNTAIN!”  WOULD YOU JOIN WITH US AND PRAY THAT THIS GREAT YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION BE MARKED WITH THE SYNERGY AND POWER OF THE LORD TO SEE NATIONS ARISING RIGHT WITHIN OUR MIDST TO ASCEND TO THE MOUNT!”

We love and bless you and send apostolic greetings and pray that you will keep us in your prayers and join with us in celebrating “40” years of service and ministry to our Lord and to His wonderful people!  We declare the glory of the Lord over you, and that His glory will be seen upon you, as His true church (Ekklesia) not only comes up to the mountain of the Lord, but ascends and inherits and receives the blessing of the Lord upon mount Zion, LIFE FOREVERMORE!   (Isa. 60:1-3; Psalm 133:1-3)

To God be the glory!

17401 RED OAK DR. SUITE #77


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