20th Annual Apostolic Campaign 2017/2018- CELEBRATE…

I have a sense in my heart that this week is possibly the most important week of our 14 year history in Houston! It’s like we’ve had two “7 year” administrations over these 14 years! The first seven years was almost like getting adjusted to and breaking the ground and a lot of traveling in and out of the region! Not only in this state but in Ar. & La. quite a bit as well! This last seven year period being fulfilled this month has really seen a lot of relational building and establishing of the apostolic and kingdom paradigm with the new and fresh mindset!

This July is kicking off our “20th year” of our annual apostolic campaign and it has not only been busy but very productive! We have crossed over into a new dimension of relational accountability and governance that is not “heavy-handed” or high-minded but rather mutual and serving to see the sons of the kingdom brought into a glorious liberty and freedom of the Holy Spirit! That’s why we’re using this special theme with this years meeting, Celebrating Apostolic Sons and Daughters!

As spiritual parents and overseeing apostles, Pam and I rejoice over the years of divine relationships and divine destiny that not only bring an alignment for the assignment but empowers and establishes those who have received our word and spirit!  Fathering is not about a personality, performance driven service that wows people and keep the saints dependent on our ministry!  Fathering in the Spirit is about depositing the message entrusted to us and being faithful stewards of the manifold grace and wisdom of God to be poured out on and in the sons and daughters!  We celebrate those who have journeyed with us through not only the good times, but the hard times of difficulty!  We are who we are because of these experiences and character of Christ developed in our hearts and spirits!

So, we commit this week unto the Father in well doing, that His will and His kingdom come alive in all His saints and all true fathers and sons in the gospel. Pray with us, that everything will be accomplished according to His purpose and that the release of generational blessing and inheritance be made manifest in all those who hunger and thirst after righteousness and seek, see, and enter into His kingdom rest and Sonship! We will be coming before the Father for three days beginning Friday night, July 28 through Sunday night July 30! We sense that everything we have been sent here for and walked through these last fourteen years will culminate into a glorious blessing of the Father’s good pleasure!

Thanking you in advance and humbly desiring your prayers, in Jesus Christ name! Love and blessings!


Jim and Pam


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