Delegated Authority

Excellent word!! We have been commissioned with “delegated authority!”


The Kingdom of God came into the earth through the Person of Jesus. Jesus (1) comes to earth, (2) learns obedience as a servant, pleases the Father in His obedience and, in so doing, (3) brings the authority, the rule, the reign of the Father into history and (4) experiences victory in every confrontation with the kingdom of darkness.  God’s rule and reign are today evidenced through delegated authority that proceeds from Jesus’ all-inclusive authority (Mt 28:18). Just as God’s rule has entered the earth in history through the Person of Jesus, His rule enters the earth today as His authority flows through His sons who are being made in the image of Jesus.

Dreams Visions Prophecy 2017
Marty, Kathy, Melissa
September 22-24, 2017       NO FEE
Grace International Church just north of Houston

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