The Heart of the Father to the Heart of the City!

I had a very nice call from my friend, Apostle Darrell McManus today, checking on us to see how we were. It was so kind for him to call and so good to hear from him. We had hoped to get down to the last Waco FIRE meeting they had last week and we had been out of town to be with family. He said it was beyond words to adequately describe what Father has been doing there and how this move of God is crossing all denominational lines and barriers. He stated there truly was an “OPEN HEAVEN” over the city and how the leaders, many pastors and other apostles and prophets were coming together in prayer and in unity!

And this is, of course, really a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit as a result of many years of prayer and the obedience of leaders to come together to seek the Lord as one!! It seems as if there is no ego or fighting over position of whose going to do this or that. I commend them on the great hunger for God and humility and honor they’re giving to God and to one another. Bro. Darrell was in a small leadership meeting with us last month and doesnt share from theory or hype!! He shared from a real burden amd sincere vision of what Hes seen the Lord doing!! Bro. Darrell is committed to the vision that Father has given him and how he sees this Fire of God spreading all across Texas, the country and all across the world!!

Let me say in this time of crisis and tragedy in our region that there are so many who want to have a voice and give their word or prophecy about what they think this time is all about! Everybody can have an opinion or word after the fact about what they think is going on, but yet have no ongoing relationship with what Father has been saying or doing in Houston!! We can spiritualize about a lot of things but we need those who are committed to the vision and mandate of the city to come together now to see “where we must go from here!” No doubt the Father is “stripping” and showing us where our real dependence upon Him is and how we have built on “faulty foundations” and not always preached a “pure” gospel!

Yes, this is a time of “judgment” but not the kind of judgment that most speak of. This is not the “wrath” of God coming against us and trying to show us all our sins, this is the judgment (discerning between good and evil, hot or cold, etc.) of the Lord that must come first and foremost to His people! This is the righteous judgement or decision of the Lord to bring purging and purity to the body of Christ. The theme verse we have for our apostolic campaign this year is Isa. 43:1-7 where the great verse 2 is that’s bringing encouragement to many right now: WHEN YOU PASS THROUGH THE WATERS, I WILL BE WITH YOU: AND THROUGH THE RIVERS, THEY SHALL NOT OVERFLOW YOU. WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE FIRE, YOU SHALL NOT BE BURNED….

Where should we go from here! Well, I certainly don’t have the answers and with my small measure of influence in a city like Houston, and especially where there are many great spiritual leaders, there is always a small gathering of the “remnant” that the Lord uses to bring change and be a “catalyst” for His will to be done! When you see brethren willing to come together in spite of doctrinal differences or cultural differences, then we can embrace a humility and unity that only comes from the Spirit of God!!! I pray that we will allow the Holy Spirit to temper us and refine us as pure God tried in the fire, that our faith may genuinely be in Him and found in Him to the praise, honor, and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ! (I. Peter 1:7)

What if each leader and pastor began to reach out, not only to those in their own circles but across imaginary lines and boundaries that do not really exist that separate us!! No one is comfortable being stretched outside our comfort zones, but look at how many thousands, even millions in this greater region from Corpus to Houston, as well as to the East and West of us, that are being totally devastated and losing everything? This is the time to embrace the change and then challenge our hearts to receive one another, even as Christ has received us! It doesn’t take a “deep” prophecy or revelation from heaven to do this, it simply takes obedience to His Word and sensitivity to His Spirit to see It!

I humbly submit that we lay aside all the foolishness and game playing that we too often do, and with courage and fortitude, accept the challenge that is set before us and determine in our hearts to advance the kingdom!

Love and blessings,

Jim, a servant of Jesus Christ and a son of God!!


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