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The Flaming Herald

We have a serious ministry problem, worse today than its ever been. Fake ministers. Fake love. Fake faith. Superficiality and a lack of transparency.

Years ago I would’ve spoken out strongly against this, but now my heart breaks and weeps when I see how some got this way.

Through abuse, rejection, disappointment and lack of validation many project an image they want others to see – an image of a strong and confident leader who knows the Word of God. Often their resume contains a list of accomplishments and achievements that belie the real truth of who they are.

Some ministers and leaders need constant validation and affirmation. Their peers must know how great they are. Their peers must honor and respect their gifts and ministry. If not, they will exalt themselves in self-aggrandizement to hide the real issues, insecurities, and fears of their own hearts. They are spiritual orphans…

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