A kingdom culture with a purpose!

Can a group of kingdom people come together with a culture of honor for mutual love and submission?

Can they also receive and respect leadership as functions and not as lords over Gods people?

Can there be such an organic, life-giving flow that money, buildings, and positions do not hold them together, but the “unconditional love” of Father holds each one accountable and responsible for their own walk?

Yes, it can because we see it forming without titles and events and a hierarchy and the mutual faith and Love holds us together in peace!

No, this is not an “exclusive group” that holds on to everybody or has a rigid structure where no one can leave or be released! Servants serve out of duty but Sons serve out of freedom and liberty! Fathers, young men, and children are all growing in the grace and Love of our Father!

It is not about how many times you meet a week or month or how many special services you have to keep the saints coming, it’s about vision and purpose and destiny being fulfilled in all the Sons of God!!

So if it is services, programs and uniformity without diversity and spontaneity you want, you probably won’t like the organic flow of an
Acts 2:42 meeting- And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, and breaking of bread and prayers….

Below I’ve shared with permission from Apostle/Pastor Mark D Wallace a mission statement and vision that he’s presenting to the Fellowship he leads in Oklahoma:

Where honor is present, connections can be established. Where connections are established, love can flow. Where love flows, an atmosphere of unity becomes the prevalent climate and in that climate…individual’s “gifts and callings” are activated and empowered and corporate power and authority begin to manifest consistently.

-Remove honor, connectivity, love, unity or apostolic empowerment of the saints from the equation…and at the very best all you will ever see is sporadic and inconsistent results that will eventually lead to frustration and questions.
#Connect_Grow_Go The Grace Center themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers….


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