Like Father, Like Son…



I found this great pic of my apostolic father, Dr. Mark Hanby, (a few years back, lol) and thankful that over 40 years ago , He “became my father in the gospel…” (I. Co. 4:15b) Anything I am today is credited to this man who poured “vision, identity, purpose, inheritance and blessing” into my life! Long before he wrote the classic “You Have Not Many Fathers”, He was the premier voice and pioneer of apostolic fathering and generational Blessing!! True fathers do not just raise sons, they raise sons who become fathers who carry on the lineage and legacy of generational maturity and synergy. (2 Tim. 2:2)

The voice still rings in my ears of the Elijah/Elisha message and relationship when Elijah is about to be taken up and he tells Elisha, “If you ‘see’ me when I am taken up, (if you see me “eye to eye”, or literally if you see what I see) , you can have a double portion of my spirit.” When he was taken up, Elisha cried out, “MY FATHER, MY FATHER”, not my “prophet my prophet or my “mentor, my mentor.” Elisha had to pick up the “mantle” and run with it and know that he was not called because he was qualified, He was “qualified because he was called.”

FATHERS are often times flawed and have many scars, quite literally and spiritually, as I have encountered in my life of service. ❤😓 In my journey these last 44 years, I have found the way very difficult and filled with many dangers and confrontations, but through the years of divine impartation and apostolic alignment with this father, we have endured, persevered, and overcome through Him who is more than a conqueror! My own divine encounter at the age of 17 and visitation from the LORD JESUS, to the subsequent calling, choosing and commission, I have found that I am my father’s son! Like father, like son….

Before fathering was “cool” and apostolic relationships understood, this man paid the price and prepared the way for not just my generation, but the successive generations who now hunger after Fathers and mothers for wisdom and insight. The “weight” of glory that Papa Mark carries and the anointing and grace on his life is “unparalleled” and mighty with revelation and insight. Since we have moved from “performance preaching” to relational impartation”, I can now stand on His shoulders and help prepare the way of the Lord for the generations coming. I give honor to whom honor is due…

I do not have “ten thousand instructors” (boy teachers) but I do have one father in the gospel…


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