Old School? Or “New Wineskin…”

Let me preface this post with a couple of points! I felt a little nostalgic today so maybe it was just because I was in all day and not being able to talk. (I am much better, it seemed my throat began to clear up early evening , praise God! Thanks for all your prayers.)

All right, we don’t travel like we used to, to minister in different states and our region regularly. And, we pastored for many years as well and I know what travelling ministers experienced! I look out there today and I guess I have a little “old school” still in me, 😉, and actually there was a lot of great points in the “old school” pastors.

One thing, old school pastors loved “recommending” to their pastor friends those who blessed their assembly, helping them to stay in a region for a good period of time!! There was a great spirit of camaraderie and cooperation so that evangelists and prophets and apostles could help pour out and impart in the city and region.

Secondly, and I state this very delicately, that the old school pastors and leaders understood what it took to be out on the road! Yes, there are many that just see travelling ministry as a “job” and must start lining up churches because it helps them fill out their schedules. But those who are “sent”, those who have a special commission to serve as ambassadors and emissaries of the kingdom, are not out there for any other reason than to “spend and be spent” for the gospel sakes. They have mutually established relationships with local leaders, not just as “guest speakers”, but as those who are received to come “in and out” of a region, city, and speak into the “corporate” body of Christ, the assemblies.

So, with that in mind, these old school but truly “kingdom” leaders knew how to finance the apostolic meetings. Nowadays, so many “lead pastors” are so afraid to talk about money, that they do not even give the saints an opportunity to give a “love offering”! They just have a “standard amount” they’re going to give, and if they do receive an offering, they just pad the treasury. (Not all, but some.😉) And, they would genuinely encourage and exhort the people to give liberally, not thinking that “we can’t afford to have a meeting right now.” 😩🤐

So, with no agenda, because we do not travel out very much these days, and this is by no means trying to pick on or point out those we do know, because those we have regularly ministered to in times past, were always very generous. I suppose it’s just because what I hear others saying out there and seeing what’s going on with the bigger ministries, that it would be great to see translocal apostolic regional teams and ministries being able to join with these new local apostolic and shepherding ministries to see “regional transformation” and kingdom harvest for the Ekklesia! (I suppose this is my rant for being in all day, lol)

This new revolution for a reformation is certainly a new wineskin, as local assemblies are shifting from a pastoral paradigm to apostolic centers and hubs. That is awesome and as we move more and more into this, apostolic/prophetic fathers can have more than just meetings, they can literally co-labor with relational ministry sons and shepherds who know how to honor and walk in humility, not viewing the ministry as just some “business venture.” Pam and I actually so enjoy this time of helping to activate and impact sons and daughters in their ministry, with many home groups beginning to open up across the region. It’s just a joy to see the Ekklesia Rising as a factor and force for the kingdom of God!

There, I’m through and if any of my friends need us to come in over the next few weeks and months…. gotcha, just kidding!! 😂😅😇

Love and blessings,

Jim and Pam


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