Reformation Apostles and Prophets!

I love the renewed emphasis on the clarification of apostles today, their heart, function, and Sonship! I talk with ministry relationships almost every day, both prophets and apostles, and the timing for understanding apostles and prophets is crucial! I was talking with my friend, Apostle Michael Fram recently, and when he joined me in our group, Apostolic Teaching Fathers!, five year ago, it was still a big deal to identify and clarify apostles!


I found we were one of the first groups on Facebook, as many mature apostles and prophets stated when becoming a part of the group, to deal with the issues of true and false apostles! Not only that, but how to recognize emerging apostles and see the process that it takes to mature from Sonship to Apostleship, as well as the true shift from a prophet to an apostle!


We also shared about the “heart of the Father” that true apostles must have and the accompanying signs of much perseverance and signs and wonders, as Apostle Paul mentioned in 2 Co. 12:12! And not just signs and wonders and miracles of healing and manifestation of gifts, but enduring the process of being called, challenged, chosen, confirmed, and commissioned in Christ as a Holy calling!


We shared a great article concerning this today from a true prophetic voice in the land today and Apostolic leader of “Heart of the Father” Ministry in Lakeland,FL., Jeremiah Johnson. In the last five years or so, we have seen a great swing of the pendulum from not only prophets becoming apostles, but many self appointed apostles from pastoral ministry just because they started more than one church or were prophesied by some one that they were an apostle!


In my conversations and dialogues, I sense that the restoration of these things must become complete and full, so we can emerge into this Third Great Awakening and Reformation! As we sit at tables and coffee and talk with leaders and ministry sons regularly , the key to this maturing of the ages is the “hearts of the Fathers” being restored and turned to the Sons and the “hearts of the Sons” turned to ‘their’ fathers… (Malachi 4:5,6)


A very real key as well is we are growing in “kingdom” Awakening and awareness, that we’re not here to build big churches, but to proclaim and manifest the kingdom of God in earth, and Christ will build His Ekklesia! As the church of Jesus Christ becomes truly an organic, relational family that lives out the kingdom in everyday life, centers and focuses on His Life and power, we are become His Arising Army that manifests the many-membered body and Sons of God in glory! Thank God for this new day!




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