Moving From A Revival Mentality…

I have not spoken into what has been a hot topic lately on FB, and I’m sure this may have been touched on somewhat about those just seeking after signs and Wonders and miracles without any concern for purity and holiness! But I believe there’s more to it than that!

I believe the deeper problem is that our current “church system” is OUT OF ORDER! 90% of the church as we know it, is still enamored with the term “Revival! Ministers are selling out for “miracle manifestations” in an effort to build their ministries or draw a crowd and that opens the door for “strange fire” and perverse spirits!!

James 3:16 says “For where self-seeking and selfish ambition is, there is confusion and every evil work.”

The wrong motives for revival that reveal pride and arrogance also spark a sense of “entitlement” to those who are so intent on “reaching the whole world” when God never ordained one man, ministry, or organization to reach the world! They begin to believe they can do no wrong and not held to the same standards as everyone else!

Because of those motives and attitudes, men begin to say “God told me” and emphasize certain manifestations in their meetings that they are above reproach or question! You cannot question them, they say, because God told them! Mature fathers must say, “God did not say that to you”, and bring correction!

Yes, a lack of true Fathers is a big problem but besides that, many have forsaken the true order of Fathers and Sons for big ministry relationships that are at best big brothers or mentors! Nothing wrong with big brothers and mentors but there is something wrong with the “idolatry” of super-star ministry in the church as we know it!!

Generational ministry and synergy of the relationships bring about more than an awakening or revival to stir up the people, it perpetuates the restoration of biblical order that the kingdom of God is first and foremost the plan and purpose of God in the earth!! Where the kingdom is preached, disciples are made, and where disciples are made, comes the proper order of fathers and sons!

The restoration of the order of God first brings a “revolution” before it brings a full reformation in the Ekklesia! As long as we keep seeking after signs and stay performance based with sensationalism, we will stay out of the order of the kingdom!

The five facets of Eph. 4:11 and I. Co. 12:28 are not a hierarchy, but they are an order, rank, and foundation for true ministry and sons to be raised up! It’s not a top-heavy organization, but a foundational building of “first things first” so that nothing will be left out. The key to the proper order of signs and wonders and miracles is found in vs. 28- Now God hath set in the church (ekklesia) first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, AFTER THAT, gifts of healings, miracles, helps, governments, and diversity of tongues….

When the gifts and governments line up in divine kingdom order, self-promotion and ambitious novices will no longer have access to the people, and mature fathers will be responsible with not just teaching but leading by examples to those allotted to their charge! (I. Peter 5:1-5)

We must have relational councils and meetings of apostles and elders and brethren where there can come a general consensus in Zion that the Holy Spirit has spoken and where brethren come into divine alignment and order with what He has spoken!

For apostolic order,



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