Generational Fathers and Sons!

It is beginning to be so obvious the change in leadership patterns in the “third dimension” of generational synergy that is taking place today!  The “counter-culture” of the kingdom is first, SERVING, and second, SONSHIP!  As a “second-generational” father in alignment with apostolic fathering, we must be like an “Isaac” to our Abraham’s”, so that the “third generation” of “Jacob’s” can not only be birthed, but experience a “name-change” so that their experiences in ministry will not taint them!

There was a generation of fathers previously that did not make the shift because they based everything on ministry anointing and leadership ability!  This failed us in the past, and cannot be repeated to those of us who must birth and father this new generation (not age) of ministry into maturity.  We all still struggle from our religious “trappings” and “good ole buddy” mentality because we came up in a system as well, but we cannot tolerate or enable this superficial mindset! 

I. Co. 4:15-  For though you might have ten thousand instructors (boy-teachers) in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers;  for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you (became your father) through the gospel.


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