What is the difference between an “organization” and an “organism?”
An organization is made up of man-made rules and regulations that exists to perpetuate the organization itself, it very often will turn lifeless and mechanical, because it does not reproduce, it only continues by self-preservation and human effort!
An organism is a living, breathing entity that lives to reproduce itself through mutual faith, love, and honor!  An organism does not not exist for itself, but rather, for the life of the body!  A living organism is therefore full of life!
Much of the church today is an organization, that is, it is maintained by human organizational methods and programs that creates an attitude that the systems and operations are more important than people and true progress!
The true fellowship of the body of Christ is organic, therby it grows through life-giving relationships.  The church is born from and sustained by spiritual life instead of built on human institutions. 
What man builds is an institution, what God builds through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit is organic, or a living, breathing organism!!

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