What is the Secret to a Successful Pentecostal Church? Read this Pastor’s Answer from 1946!

Thought I would share this from 1946 on the emphasis of the “prayer room.” Many our churches do not have a “prayer room” or even using the sanctuary as a prayer room before services. Maybe we’re missing something…

Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center

This Week in AG History–May 18, 1946
By Darrin Rodgers

Also published in PENews, 14 May 2015

What is the distinctive feature in a Pentecostal worship service? The answer, according to a 1946 Pentecostal Evangel article by P. S. Jones, is “the prominence given to the prayer room.”

Early Pentecostal churches usually dedicated a room to prayer, where earnest believers would intercede during the preaching service and where prayer would continue long after the benediction had been pronounced. Jones asserted, “Pentecostal prayer rooms are truly the power-houses of the assemblies. Everything else can be counted of secondary importance in the church’s program.”

According to Jones, the success of a ministry is proportionate to the prayer life of those involved in the ministry. The “urgent necessity” of every pastor, he wrote, “is to see that the prayer life of his people is maintained at white heat.”

Jones described how an active private…

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