Apostolic Kingdom Alignment!

I thought this might be too much for my personal page, so I’ll try it here: Many churches have too much of a “feminine” quality to their services, because of an “over-balanced” pastoral ministry! Now, let me qualify: Gal. 4:26 says the “Jerusalem that is above is free, being the “mother” of us all…” Yes, the church is the Bride of Christ and we are married to Christ!

However, the church is also the “Father’s House” (hold) where sons and daughters are not only born, but are identified and equipped and empowered to know “who they are” and brought to full sonship!! This is the shift from a pastoral driven house to an “apostolic house!” Even in the Greek, the ‘pastor’ is in the feminine tense and the apostle is in the ‘masculine’ tense…

Do we need both? Of course, the apostolic can nurture as a nursing mother… but many men are being turned off to churches because of a “mothering spirit” that continues to coddle and keep folks babies or children! This spirit will tend to be a Jezebel spirit that will seek to control and manipulate, not release and liberate!! Hence, we have churches that have many women but few men who are passionate about their gifts and calling!

What is the primary difference? Church relates to the “woman” or mother, and Father relates to the “kingdom” or apostolic! It has been a blessing to be in an “apostolic house” here in Bellville where they embrace and growing in the apostolic AND in the Father’s kingdom! Men and women and families are coming into order and being awakened and aligned to fulfill God’s order and purpose and grace!

Luke 12:32- Fear not, little flock! For it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom…

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3 thoughts on “Apostolic Kingdom Alignment!

  1. Your posts always cause me to ask new questions. Thank you for helping me to think again. The Father and I are getting much closer.

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