APOSTOLIC CENTERS (kingdom ecclesia) are regional assemblies to distribute, gather, and assemble the saints of God, ministries, and gifts throughout the city/corporate expression of the body of Christ! Apostolic centers will be relational in nature, with a prophetic voice and an apostolic mission to make disciples, raise up, and send out sons/ambassadors of the kingdom!!

These ambassadors of Christ will be both mature in ministry and skilled in gifting to accomplish the apostolic strategies and purpose of God in the earth…they will be connected to apostolic father’s in ministry so that the sons will know who they are by inheritance and not by performance!!! The inheritance brings the “double portion” of fathers and sons, such as Elijah and Elisha!

Personality-minded performers operate off “single portions”, a minister with their anointing, but when their ministry is met by controlling spirits, they do not know their true identity in Christ! Therfore, an “orphan spirit” makes them feel defenseless, leading to depression and rejection… apostolic centers will bring both gifting and governance together in a community, city, or region and establish the spiritual DNA of the climate, releasing the prophetic atmosphere, culture, and environment to the kingdom ecclesia!!

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