A Strategic Dream

Great article on “Strategic Dreams” by Kathy Gabler. Please go on Marty and Kathy’s blog and sign up to receive them…


A friend called with a strategic dream that was an answer to her prayer.  She has been in a on-going trial at work and is weary of the situation.  She asked God if she could leave the situation.  In her dream she was a nurse in an emergency room and she was tending to three patients.  A doctor walked in and she was relieved to see him because she knew he was a trustworthy doctor.  He told her to go get something and she was walking quickly down a long hall.  A door opened in the hall and a lady walked out.  In the dream she realized it was angel.  The angel beckoned her to come with her.  But she knew the care for the three patients must be finished first, so she asked the angel if she could check with her tomorrow.  The angel answered yes and walked back…

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