Spiritual Parenting Protocol!

Concerning parenting, in the natural or spiritual, fathers must not try to “force” or insist on their sons and daughters being something they’re not! “Train up a child in the way that they should go” does not mean steer them in your direction for their lives, but rather help them find their “bent” or slant in the calling or direction the Father God is leading them in!! Yes, they can follow in our footsteps and we should prepare them, but our main responsibility is to help guide them to find the passion and purpose in their hearts to fulfill it!!

Likewise, spiritual fathers, we do not take control of our spiritual sons and daughters lives, or ministries, we assist, encourage, enhance, empower and impart every good thing and gifts that help them to fulfill their ministry! If they have our spiritual DNA in ministry and belong to our “tribe”, we will be able to “charge and correct” but never to control! We do not make them in our own image, but like in the natural, once they know who they are and are established in Sonship, we help them develop their gifts and grace into their unique calling.

It is a fathers joy when the sons and daughters exceed our limitations, and go above and beyond our own desires and hopes for them!!!


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