What a year it’s been, and what a year we’re coming into for 2017!! Pam and I want to thank you for the love, prayers, and support you’ve given to us this year and for the Father’s Faithfulness and goodness to us another year!! We are usually gearing down to just enjoy the season and resting getting ready for Christmas and the New Year. But there is a stirring and prophetic shift for this new year coming up for apostolic alignment and kingdom advancement. Pam and I so love serving as spiritual parents, being “Dad” and “Mom” to those in ministry and sons and daughters in the faith! Fathers Heart-Houston Habitation HUB is really not an organization or a ministry that is building a network! All that is well and good, as we do ‘network’ with churches and ministries and organized for the purpose of being an autonomous ministry. But that is not our goal or purpose, we are not building anything that has to be maintained or that has to be “kept going” or it will lose its vision!

Our Vision is “Christ’s Kingdom” and our mission is “to extend and expand this kingdom by practically pouring our lives into men and women whose ‘hearts are being turned to our Father God! With that being said, Father has entrusted us with a dispensation of the gospel, a spiritual stewardship to help develop ,impart empower, and release In many sons in glory through apostolic alignments and kingdom assignments. (I. Co. 9:17; Eph. 3:2;9-11) We are excited about 2017 not just being ‘another year’, but a powerful new dimension of God’s grace and apostleship in the earth. This is a new year of the “fullness of the times” that He is bringing in the governing assembly, the ecclesia and Christ’s kingdom rule In the body of Christ! Yesterday, we had a wonderful seed planted by one of our relational ministry couples who, on Dec. 1, released a firstfruits of giving that significantly increases the fruits of righteousness and a new day of “kingdom harvest!” Apostle Paul said in Phill. 4:17, “not that I desire a gift, but that fruit may abound to your account.”

This (new) harvest is not just one of rescuing souls, but of “fathers and sons” who are coming into synergistic alignment that releases the Spirit of our Father to bring many children home to find their purpose and destiny through His Grace in their lives!! Are you ready for this day? Are you prepared to walk in the kingdom with a “kingly assignment” and prophetic purpose? Have you discovered who the Father is in you through godly relationships that support the work of the Father in you? In our region and other place where we have regional relationsips, we are seeing “apostolic HUBS” being raised up because of the maturing of the saints and churches embracing the apostolic HUB that connects us for increase, habitation, and manifestation of God’s glory and kingdom in the land! We were again asked about a link to give, and if you would like to sow into our grace and apostleshp (Romans 1:5), just click on the link and it will give you opportunity.

May He richly bless and keep you, as you finish strong in 2016 and “launch out into the deep” for 2017! Deep is calling unto deep at the sound of His waterfalls; All Your waves and billows have gone over me. ( Ps. 42:7) Thanks again, and be strengthened in Jesus’ name!

Yours for the kingdom,
Jim and Pam

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Apostles Jim & Pam Becton serve and support the foundations of many generations, to raise up and restore that which is lost and repair the gaps between sons and orphans!


  1. Praise the Lord for your vision, assignment and mission! May the Lord grant supply and support and guide in His wise timing in each of your Kingdom assignments through this coming year.

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