Apostolic Base Camps!

I was immediately struck with a spiritual thought when I saw that the Stoney Nakoda Resort was called the “Base Camp of the Rockies!” We have been talking about centered around apostolic Hubs and centers, the ABC’s of the apostolic campaign of Jesus Christ: An “Apostolic Base Camp!”

What is the ABC of the kingdom?

An Apostolic Base Camp is the place where the apostolic and prophetic leaders are set in place so that the sons of God, the saints of Jesus Christ, may be equipped, prepared, and trained so that they may be sent out up the “Mountain of the Lord” to advance the kingdom of God in all the earth!!

That’s when the Father calls all nations up to the mountain and establishes the House of the Lord (the church/ekklesia) on the TOPS of the mountains! It’s time to get the apostolic alignments for apostolic assignments in place so that these Apostolic Base Camps may come forth! Blessings, lessons learned from the Canadian Apostolic Base Camp!!!

Jim B.


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