Celebrating “43”years of God’s (Amazing) GRACE!

Is. 43:7

Celebrating “43” years of God’s GRACE!

Once again, as every year for the last 17-18 years or so, I testify to the grace of God in my life on that fateful night, June 7, 1974, when my life was changed dramatically!  As is my custom and I believe the instruction of My father, to remember as a “landmark” in this critical time of what He brought out of tragedy and used for the glory of God!  As a 17 year old, for many years I had no real understanding of the impact of that month I spent in a Shreveport, La. hospital, other than that it did bring a radical change to my life.  I knew I had been called out,  that my life would never be the same and that I would give my life in service to my King, my Savior and Lord and to His cause in the earth.

The interesting thing about this year that probably sets itself apart from the last several, is what I believe is a real spiritual significance of His timing and alignment in our ministry.  One of those significant things earlier this year is that I turned “60″ years old in January and felt a real shift for this new decade in my life, and to what He has called and commissioned in Pam and Me for a new season and destiny to be fulfilled!   Then I began to see the pattern and shift the Father was bringing for this year!  As of this May/June this year represents “40” years that I have been in active ministry in the body of Christ, and “35” years in full-time ministry!  After my car accident in 1974 and finishing High School in 1975, I went to the two-year school where my spiritual father, Dr. Mark Hanby, was pastoring and beginning Wide World Ministries training center in Ft. Worth, Tx.

Upon graduation there in May of 1977, I began my ministry as a Youth Pastor in June that year in Wichita, Ks. where my brother Gary pastored.  Due to some physical situations from the weather there and injuries I had experienced, I moved back to Ar. in January of 1978.  For the next 20 years or so, I pastored in my old home town of Stamps, Ar. for 3 1/2 years, travelled a year primarily in La. in evangelistic ministry and then by divine providence, met my beautiful wife Pam while pastoring in New Boston, Texas. (1978-1997)  We met in April of 1983 and married Sept. 3 and continued there for three more years.  We began two more churches and pastored another in Arkansas and Louisiana over the next 10-12 years before hearing the call of the prophetic and ultimately the setting apart unto the apostolic in 2000/2001.

In 1997, we began that transition into the apostolic when I was “40” years old, while we had established The Eagles’ Nest as a prophetic/apostolic training center in DeRidder, La. in the decade of the 90’s and begin travelling being invited to speak in prophetic meetings.  After being reunited with my apostolic father in the late 90’s, we were set apart in July of 2000 to begin our apostolic ministry!  After three years of transition from La. back to Texas, we spent about three years in Pam’s home town New Boston as we prepared to be sent to Houston, Texas.  In July/August of 2003, we moved to North Houston to begin our “apostleship of Grace” that we have now been involved in for almost 14 years.  What a learning and growth stage and curve it has been these years in Houston, as well as travelling the region and other states and internationally as well!

I’ve wrote all this and will now set up what I believe to be the purpose of these “60” years of my life!  Ironically, I was 17 at the time of my call being made known to me, and it has been “17” years since we were set apart into the apostolic, when I was “43” years old.  This year is “43” years since the accident and subsequent call and since our trip to Canada last month, Father has made known the purpose and theme for this coming New season and era for 2017!  Our theme verse for this new season and apostolic campaign beginning in July 2017/18 is the verse highlighted in the picture, Isa. 43:6b,7-  Bring My sons from afar, and My daughters from the ends of the earth– Everyone who is called by My name, Whom I have created  for my glory;  I have formed him, yes, I have made him.”   1) Created, 2) Formed and 3) Made.

In about a week or so, we will be unveiling our new overall theme and purpose for this next apostolic season, which will begin in July!  We will be announcing a special meeting in early July to launch this new campaign and believe that we will see a powerful impact for what He has called and commissioned for our region and for an “apostolic base camp!”  Pam and I are so thankful for what He has accomplished in these years and believe in my 60 years, 40 years of ministry, and 17-20 years being set apart unto apostolic ministry, that after these last 43 years, we are just beginning to see the mighty hand of God released in our vision, purpose and destiny!  Thank you all for your part in our lives and ministry!


June 7, 1974- June 7,2017
43 years of God’s (Amazing) Grace!



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