Celebrating “35” years of Spirit-Filled Marriage!

TBT…1986, over 32 YEARS AGO IN SHERIDAN, AR….(How do you like the big glasses? (Lol)
How about my beautiful bride of about 3 years? ❤😍❤

I shared last night that this month Pam and I have been in Houston for “15 years!” I also shared a little of our journey over these fifteen years and what a wild journey it has been!!! We celebrated our “20th” wedding anniversary just a few weeks after moving to Houston on Sept. 3, 2003. This year we celebrate our “35th” anniversary on Labor Day, which is the day we were married, and it’s fallen a few times on Labor Day. This year we will just be coming out of our “Ekklesia ARISE! Convocation of EAGLES” Celebration from Friday, August 31 to Sunday, Sept. 2! Pam and I believe it’s not only a fulfillment of the 15 years we have been in Houston but even our 35 years of marriage and ministry!! We sense an exciting new day of God’s grace and glory in our lives and where He is moving us into! It’s an awesome time to be alive! We appreciate and celebrate all that Father has accomplished in our lives together!

Before Pam and I married, I had received my calling from the Lord some nine years earlier at the age of 17 in June of 1974 in a Shreveport, La. Hospital. I had received a special visitation from the LORD JESUS and knew my life would never be the same. I graduated in May of 1977 from ministry school in Ft. Worth, Tx. where I met my spiritual father, Dr. Mark Hanby. After a brief period of time as a youth minister, I returned to my home town area of Stamps, Ar. in 1978 and planted our first fellowship there. Five years later I moved to New Boston, Texas to pastor and Pam and I met and married later that year. Pam and I pastored there about 3 years, and in 1986 we moved to Sheridan, Ar. and planted our second assembly. (That’s where this black and white pic was made. Lol.)

We went on and founded a couple of more fellowships in La. as prophetic/apostolic training centers!! In 1998, our ministry begin to shift again, and after beginning to travel, we began our prophetic/apostolic campaign and commission. Father has been so faithful to keep us active and alive in His service. We know after 40 years in ministry and 20 years growing into the apostolic mandate of Christ, we are being prepared to enter this “NEW ERA OF THE EKKLESIA!!!”

So, now after 40 years in ministry, 35 years of marriage, 20 years set apart and commissioned for apostolic ministry, we have completed these 15 years in Houston! It’s absolutely no coincidence that Father has us facilitating a new generation of fathering and parenting as sons and daughters of the Most High are being multiplied through the saints! We believe this new era represents the greatest awakening and reformation that we have ever seen in the body of Christ! We are all poised on the brink of this Third Day of Christ where “He raises us up to live in His sight, as we pursue His glorious knowledge being revealed” (Hosea 6:1-3)

Pam and I are believing for and seeing the “renewing of our youth”, as we ascend and SOAR AS EAGLES IN the heavenly realms. It’s “not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of hosts! (Zech. 4:6) We do not despise the day of “small beginnings” and know that our God is Faithful as we in the Ekklesia inherit the mountain of the LORD! “WHO (what) are you, o great mountain? Before Zerrubabel (out of babylon), you shall become level ground.’”

No more building and glorifying our temples and buildings, but allowing the Most High God to build His spiritual house, His Habitation in the earth, in Houston, and in all the land, the household of faith built on the foundation of His apostles and prophets, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF BEING THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE….. (EPH. 2:20)

Love and blessings as we embrace this NEW ERA OF THE EKKLESIA, CHRIST IN US, THE HOPE OF GLORY…




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