The Apostolos & The Ekklesia!

It is truly amazing that as of this August 12, 2018, Pam and I have lived in Houston for “15” years!! It’s hard to believe but we know that we are just now seeing a fulfillment of much of the word of the Lord over our lives as we complete these fifteen years!

As always, we give thanks to the Father for His goodness and His faithfulness for His work and Word in our lives! For the first ten years, we were traveling quite a bit back to Arkansas, Louisiana, and all across East Texas, as well as in our Area! We were steadily building relationships and sowing the seed of the Father through apostolic fathering relationships! We came with a Word in our heart to “release the sound of the Lord through the corporate anointing of Christ in His body…”

We have seen the ups and downs of facilitating relationships and especially of the apostolic mandate, but the Father has kept us here in the heart of the city and region! We have been able to be flexible and patient, as we’ve seen local assemblies, ministries, home fellowships, and leadership groups fluctuate and expand like leaven in the kingdom! We have built nothing unto ourselves and have never demanded anything of those we have been with! Our heart has been to serve and undergird and hold up the foundation of Jesus Christ as He builds His Ekklesia!

As we complete these 15 years here in greater Houston, We look forward to seeing the fruit of our labors being multiplied as we get ready to launch “Ekklesia ARISE!” A Convocation Of Eagles in just a little over two weeks! In fact, Labor Day Weekend, we will begin this celebration on Friday night, Aug. 31st at 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday evening meetings being at 6pm! We’re expecting a powerful time in the Father as we see a completion, repairing, and setting in order of His plans and purpose in our region!!

We know we’re a small part of what Father is doing in our region and city, and we rejoice with all those who are holding fast to the Head, even Christ Jesus our Lord! We believe He is reconciling all things to Himself and has committed to us the word of His reconciliation! He’s truly making all things new!!!

As we complete these fifteen years in Houston and 20 years of apostolic ministry and Apostleship since 1998, we rejoice that “we have just begun to see the apostolic grace and Glory manifested in our region! We would truly be honored if you would consider sowing an apostolic seed into His assignment and mandate on our lives as we continue to strategize and implement the things concerning the kingdom of God!! Pam and I have given our whole lives to the gospel of the kingdom and declaring the present day reality and Truth of the kingdom of Christ!

I will share in another post tomorrow concerning the call and commission of Holy Spirit in our lives and about our marriage and ministry! It has been quite a journey but we remember that the “joy is in the journey” and the journey completes the destiny! If you would like, just follow the link below and we will be so thankful and blessed for your love and blessing!!

Your for the heart of the Father,

Jim and Pam


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