Invading Enemy Territory – Part II

Part 2 from Apostle Sam Hansen that is so good. Be sure and read the first part!!

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In the last installment I shared that whether or not you were being commissioned as an apostle or by apostolic leadership, you were being sent on assignment to invade enemy territory.  Rome called their generals “apostles” and they were sent to establish beachheads and sieges around cities.  They accomplished this by cutting off food, water and communication to and from the city.  The size and reputation of the Roman army instilled fear among the cities’ leaders and inhabitants.  After the city was conquered Rome sent governors, also called apostles, so that they could teach the people the “Roman way” and change the culture of the city to prevent rebellion against Rome.

My desire is to look at Ephesians 3:8-12 in the New American Standard version, clarify the meaning of some words and state the lessons for establishing a beachhead in the territory you are assigned to, even before you going…

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