“Invading Enemy Territory”

Excellent word in heaven invading earth by My friend Samuel Hansen!!

The Bread blog


Disclaimer – I know this Blog is long but you never ask a teacher/preacher to talk about or write about something and expect it to be short.  Hence, this Blog will be in two parts.

You are sitting in your prayer closet worshipping, praying and seeking the Father’s will for your life.  A thought or idea pops up in your mind and as you meditate on it the Lord begins to impress upon your heart that He is calling you to a specific place and ministry – a place where you can minister as you were trained.  There is a feeling of  excitement because the God of our universe has a specific plan for you.

You continue to pray and seek His face regarding the assignment, the preparation, timing, etc.  Then you are released to share it with your spouse, family, leadership, and Brothers and Sisters that will keep this…

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