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Jim Becton


The hour is coming and now is, that true apostolic ministry will be released in the cities and regions, as well as in the towns and the villages, by proven, resilient, scarred, torn and worn apostolic fathers who have died out to ambition and no longer have nothing to prove or build!!! Their SONS ARE BUILDING THE FOUNDATIONS OF FUTURE GENERATIONS…
( 2 Cor. 6:1-13; Isa. 58:12)

They will simply BE WHO THEY BE, impart, empower, and envision, raise up, release, and send out apostolic sons with an apostolic team of elders and an apostolic company of saints and intercessors into the dry, barren places!!

Cities, regions, and nations will be raised up from the ruins and desert places will be turned into highways of holiness and the “Redeemed of the LORD” shall be called the CITY OF ZION, SOUGHT OUT AND NOT FORSAKEN….

PREPARING the way for the people of God to come up to the MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD and preparing the WAY OF THE LORD!! Digging out the burnt stones and removing the hindrances!
(ISA. 61 AND 62)




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